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Nevada Health Facility Licensing Documentation Information

This page gives information about the various documents that must be submitted to the Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance with all health facility license applications (documents applying to specific license types are indicated).

Business License

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Health facility applicants must submit a copy of their business license from the State of Nevada and city/county (if required). Below is a list of jurisdiction contacts to help you find local requirements.

Las Vegas

Business Licensing

Planning Department - Zoning/planning approval is required for group homes. The city will license the group home for an administrator is the location has more than two beds and the state requires the administrator be licensed.


Clark County

Business License Department  

  • Phone: (702) 455-4252


Carson City

Business License Division website
  • Phone number: (775) 887-2105

Douglas County

Business licenses are not required in Douglas County, but a fictitious firm name or other documents may be required. Download a New Business Packet from the Clerk-Treasurer's website.

Permits are no longer required for home-based businesses. However, there are standards contained in Douglas County Code that require home occupations not cause or create nuisances, limit the number of employees and other provisions that limit the impact of business on neighborhoods. Contact Code Enforcement for more information.


Business License Department website  

  • Phone: (775) 353-5555

Washoe County

Business License Department website  

  • Phone: (775) 328-3733
  • Alt phone: (775) 328-2000

Eureka County

There is no zoning in Eureka County, Nev. Eureka County does not have rules, regulations or statutes that define what and where a business can be conducted.

Certificate of Insurance

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  • Must include physical address and name as insured location
  • Certificate holder must be listed as:
    Division of Public and Behavioral Health
    727 Fairview Drive, Suite E
    Carson City, NV 89701
  • Coverage must include general liability

Surety Bond

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  • Must be payable to Department of Health and Human Services, Aging and Disability Services Division.
  • Include physical address and name
  • Signed by principal, NV registered agent, and attorney-in-fact

Lease Agreement

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  • Must be signed by both landlord and tenant
  • Permitted use must authorize the space to be used as a medical office/office space

Articles of Incorporation/Organization

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  • Written by the applicant, submitted to both Secretary of State and Health Care Quality and Compliance
  • Information (ownership, address, business information, etc.) matches your NV Business License

Governing Body Bylaws/Operating Agreement

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  • Drafted by the corporation or LLC

Three-Year Business History

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  • If there is less than three years’ worth of business history, submit resume and three references for all owners.
  • If three or more years of history exists, submit a brief statement that outlines the history and indicates the first year of business.

Financial Status Statement

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  • Submit a signed statement in which the owner attests he/she is financially stable to run the business.

Resume and Three Letters of Reference for Administrator

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  • Ensure reference letters are signed by the author, font signatures are unacceptable.
  • If you are applying for an Home Health Agency (HHA), Nursing Pool (NSP) or Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) please include either evidence of an RN or MD license or at least one year of experience as an administrator.

BELTCA License

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  • Include a Board of Examiners for Long-Term Care Administrators (BELTCA) administrator’s license that lists the administrator’s name as well as the facility name if you are one of the following facility types: Residential Facility for Groups (AGC), Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), or Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF).

Resource: BELTCA website

Emergency Capacity

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  • EMResource is a bed tracking program in use throughout Nevada. It is also used as an information point for the different types of healthcare facilities, and it lists the contact information for those facilities so that in times of disaster and emergency local or state health authorities can contact them to see if any assistance is needed.
  • If you are a SNF, ASC, HOS/RUH, or ESRD you will need to contact Rodney Wright with Public Health Preparedness to update your facility's contact information. Email the administrator's contact information to