Permit: Public Accommodations (Hotel and Motel)

Any person who desires to construct a hotel or to remodel or add to an existing hotel must apply in writing to the health authority giving the name of the hotel and its location together with such other information as may be required. The application must be accompanied by plans, specifications and supporting data.

    Construction Permits

    At least 30 days prior to beginning construction or remodeling of a public accommodation facility, the responsible person must submit construction plans with all schedules; e.g., floor plans, typical rooms, elevations, plumbing, mechanical, lighting schematics, etc., to the Health Authority for review and approval.

      Construction permits are valid for 1 year from the date of issue. A permit is considered void 12 months after the date of issuance if the proposed units are not completed within that period. No changes or revisions in your plans may be made after approval is given without notifying the EHS program. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to inform contractors and sub-contractors about plan changes that may affect construction.

        Plan Review Requirements

        Plans and specifications for hotels must have been prepared by a professional engineer who is registered in this State, an architect who is registered in this State, or a licensed contractor who holds a license issued by the State Contractors’ Board in the appropriate classification and subclassification. A licensed professional engineer or a registered architect shall include his seal and signature on any plans and specifications submitted to the health authority. A licensed contractor shall include his signature on any plans and specifications submitted to the health authority.

          Submit one set of complete plans which will include (but is not limited to):

          • Plan review application (See "Forms" tab),
          • Plot plans drawn to scale, including north arrow, specifications for full engineering review,
          • A complete set of architectural, landscape, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (supply & waste) plans,
          • A floor plan layout detail and elevations for each “typical” guest room, kitchenettes, restrooms, storage/maid service room, dishwashing room, ice rooms, laundry rooms, common restrooms, refuse area, loading dock, or other hotel support areas (including location, size and type of equipment), and guest-accessible outdoor areas,
          • A schedule of interior finishes or interior drawings showing floor, wall, and ceiling finishes. Samples are recommended
          • A schedule for lighting, or reflected ceiling plans showing locations and types of lighting fixtures,
          • An equipment list showing type, manufacturer, and model numbers.

          Plan Approval or Rejection

          Plan approvals or rejections will be issued in writing. No changes may be made to an approved set up plans without notification and approval from the Division of Public and Behavioral Health. It is the permit holder's responsibility to inform contractors and subcontractors about plan changes that may affect construction.

          • Plans for construction and remodeling of a public accommodation facility which are submitted are reviewed on a first come, first served basis.
          • Payment of fees does not constitute approval of plans. Applicants may be required to submit corrected plans. Failure to comply with required corrections may result in a failed inspection of the construction project, resulting in additional fees and delayed approval to open. Mistakes or omissions on the plans does not constitute approval of the mistakes or omissions.

          Occupancy Permits

          A final construction inspection must be conducted by EHS staff to verify construction according to approved plans before the occupancy permit may be issued.

            You will need to notify the appropriate EHS field office at least one week in advance of the day you wish to open.

              Additional Facility Types included with Public Accommodation

              If there are additional facility types such as Public Bathing Places, Food Establishments, Camping and Recreational Vehicle Parks you must apply separately. See specific Web pages for more information.


                • Inspection fee
                  • $145.00 plus $1.50 for each room above 30.
                • Plan Review Fee (New and Remodel)
                  • $100 plus Inspection Fee

                Payment of Fees

                Payments using the on-line system require an e-check or credit card. If unable to use the on-line system, the accepted payment types include: cash, check or money order. Please make payable to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH). All permits, annual and temporary submitted on paper, and mailed or hand delivered must be accompanied by payment. DPBH does not accept credit cards over the phone.


                Fees paid will not be refunded for failure to obtain final approval or voluntary withdrawal.