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Farm-to-Fork Events Program

General Information

A "farm-to-fork," event as defined by Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 446; Assembly Bill 200, allows farms to hold farm-to-fork events in certain circumstances without being considered a food establishment for purposes of inspections by the health authority. At the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Environmental Health Section, such farms are required to register to hold "farm-to-fork" events.

    It is important to know that a farm is not a "food establishment" for purposes of holding a farm-to-fork event provided that:

    • Any poultry and meat from a rabbit that is served at the farm-to-fork event is raised and prepared on the farm and is butchered and processed on the farm pursuant to the requirements of chapter 583 of NRS; and
    • Any other food item that is served at the farm-to-fork event, including, without limitation, salads, side dishes and desserts, are prepared on the farm from ingredients that are substantially produced on the farm.

    A farm which holds a farm-to-fork event shall, before a guest consumes any food, provide each guest with a notice which states that no inspection was conducted by a state or local health department of the farm or the food to be consumed.

      A farm which holds more than two events in any month, must becomes a food establishment for the remainder of that calendar year, and are subject to all of the requirements of Nevada Administrative Code, Chapter 446.

        Farm-to-Fork Registration Process

        In order to operate a "farm-to-fork" operation, NRS 446.868 requires that the operator register with the health authority. The health authority may require any information deemed necessary and appropriate for the registration process.

          An application must be completed as part of this process. You can apply on our CLICS system. Once the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed. After it has been reviewed by an Environmental Health Staff and approved, you will be notified of your successful registration.

            Although food safety information is available on our web site for "farm-to-fork" operation applicants, it is highly recommended that applicants further educate themselves about safe food handling principles and practices. According to state law, a "farm-to-fork" operation may be held financially responsible for the cost of the complaint and/or foodborne illness investigation, if found to be valid.