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Public, Private and Charter Schools Program

General Information

The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Environmental Health Section is the construction and facility permitting program for public, private and charter schools. DPBH-EHS inspects and licenses school facilities, and approves plans for construction or alteration of school facilities. The Division seeks to insure safe facilities, proper water supply, and proper sewage disposal.

    Other Permitted Facility Types

    Facility types that would be permitted separately from the school would be pool and spa facilities, food establishments, markets, snack bars and concession stands. Please see those program pages on this website for more information.

      Plan Review

      A person may not begin the construction of a school until the plans and specifications for the school are submitted to and approved by the health authority. The plans and specifications must include

      • The layout, arrangement and construction materials for all rooms and grounds, including classrooms, utility rooms, janitor’s closets and play grounds.
      • The location, size and type of equipment that will be used at the school including fixed equipment. Facilities that will be included with constructions such as public bathing places and food establishments.

      The health authority shall review the plans and return a written decision of approval or denial to the person submitting the plans within 30 days after receipt of the plans. If the decision is to deny the plans, the written decision must include a detailed statement of the reasons for the denial. [NAC 444.56818]