Permits: Public Bathing Place (Pool and Spa)

Permit to Operate

Any person desiring to construct a public bathing or swimming facility or to remodel or add to an existing facility must apply in writing to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health authority on forms furnished by the health authority, giving the name of the facility and its location together with such other information as may be required.

    Supplemental Application

    All persons intending to operate a Public Bathing Place must submit a Supplemental Application. This application collects information specific to the facility type.

      Plan Specifications

      The application must be accompanied by plans and specifications with supporting data prepared by a professional engineer who is registered in this State, an architect who is registered in this State, or a licensed contractor who holds a classification A license with an A-10 subclassification issued by the State Contractors’ Board.

        A licensed professional engineer or a registered architect shall include his or her seal and signature on any plans and specifications submitted to the health authority. A licensed contractor shall include his or her signature on any plans and specifications submitted to the health authority.

          Plan Review

          The plans must be drawn to scale, contain a north arrow and must be accompanied by proper specifications so as to permit a comprehensive engineering review of the plans. The plans must include:

          • Plan and sectional views with all necessary dimensions of the facility.
          • piping diagram showing all appurtenances including treatment facilities in sufficient detail, as well as pertinent elevation data, to permit a hydraulic analysis of the system.
          • Details on all treatment equipment, including catalog identification. If mechanical equipment is specified by the use of a trade name or catalog numbers, individual leaflets, catalogs or other descriptive material must be furnished. This material will be returned to the applicant on his or her request after the review of the plans.
          • An electrical diagram showing the method of grounding, junction boxes and other pertinent details.
          • Detailed plans of bathhouses, equipment rooms, dressing rooms, toilet facilities, showers and other appurtenances.
          • The plans and specifications must be submitted in triplicate. Additional copies must be submitted if requested.
          • The submitted plans must be approved in writing before any construction is undertaken.

          The facility must be built in accordance with the plans as approved, unless prior approval of the changes has been given in writing by the health authority.

            The review of the plans by the health authority will not include a review of the structural design or structural stability of any section or part of the facility. Certification of structural adequacy is the responsibility of the architect or a qualified professional engineer who is licensed by the State Board of Registered Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.

                Final Construction Inspections

                The owner or his or her agent shall notify the health authority at specific predetermined stages of construction and at the time of completion of the facility, to permit inspection of the facility during and after construction.In areas where the health authority cannot provide the inspections and where the local government does not require building inspections, the owner or his or her agent may be required to hire a third party inspector. The third party inspector may be selected by the owner or his or her agent upon the approval of the Health Division.The facility may not be placed in operation until the inspection shows compliance with the requirements of Nevada Administrative Code Chapter 444.

                  You will need to notify the appropriate EHS Field office at least one week in advance of the day you wish to open. A final construction inspection must be conducted by EHS staff to verify construction according to approved plans. You may not open until you have completed an application for your health permit, all fees have been paid in full, and the final construction inspection is completed.


                    • Public Bathing Place (Pool)
                      • Annual Permit Fee $402
                      • New Plan Review Fee $325
                      • Remodel Plan Review Fee $262.50
                    • Public Bathing Place (Spa)
                      • Annual Permit Fee $332
                      • Plan Review Fee $370
                      • Remodel Plan Review Fee $262.50

                    Payment of Fees

                    Payments using the on-line system require an e-check or credit card. If unable to use the on-line system, the accepted payment types include: cash, check or money order. Please make payable to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH). All permits, annual and temporary submitted on paper, and mailed or hand delivered must be accompanied by payment. DPBH does not accept credit cards over the phone.


                    Fees paid will not be refunded for failure to obtain final approval or voluntary withdrawal.