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    General Information

    Pursuant to NRS 450B.238, and NAC 450B.768, the Nevada Trauma Registry (NTR) was established in 1987, to collect data on persons who sustain a physical (blunt or penetrating) injury caused by an accident or by violence. The NTR data are collected from all licensed acute care hospitals and trauma centers in Nevada.

      According to National Trauma Data Bank criteria, for an injury to be reported as a trauma, it must have at least one ICD-10 code from the following ranges: S00-S99 (7th Character Modifier A, B, or C), T07, T14, T20-28 (7th Character Modifier A), T30-32, and T79.A1-T79.A9 (7th Character Modifier A) and the patient must have either:

        • been admitted to a facility;
        • died following treatment or evaluation; or
        • been transferred into or out of a facility.

          The NTR currently utilizes the National Trauma Registry of the American College of Surgeons (NTRACS) software to collect, store and report information related to traumatic injuries in Nevada. Included (but not limited to) are data on the event causing the injury, severity of the injury, place of the injury, length of hospital stay, diagnosis(es) of the patient, discharge destination of the patient and payer source.

            The NTR can provide information on the incidence, and prevalence, morbidity, and mortality of injuries in Nevada. The data can be broken down to a specific county, specific hospital, specific race, or specific age group, for example. These data are available for state, private or federal entities, grant applicants to measure the impact of trauma on Nevada and initiate health education programs that address traumatic injuries.

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                  Nevada Trauma Registry Program Information

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