Public Health Infrastructure and Improvement Section

The Public Health Infrastructure and Improvement Section (PHIIS) provides oversight of statewide improvement in public health infrastructure and quality. This includes workforce initiatives, public health accreditation, data modernization, and public information.

    Public Health Accreditation and Infrastructure Improvement

    PHIIS, in partnership with the Center for Public Health Excellence within the School of Public Health at University of Nevada, Reno, will be submitting for initial accreditation to the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) by the end of 2024. As the sole national accrediting body for public health in the United States, PHAB supports health departments to improve quality, accountability, and performance.

    In addition to PHAB accreditation, DPBH is partnering with the local health authorities and the Nevada Association of Counties to define and assess the Foundational Public Health Services in each county. This process will identify a county’s resources and needs to better identify the public health infrastructure in each community.

    Additionally, Nevada joined the 21st Century Learning Community in 2022. Since 2015, PHNCI at PHAB has been home to the 21st Century Learning Community (21C), a group of states focused on intentional statewide public health system transformation. Members include representatives from state health departments, local health departments, State Associations of County and City Health Officials, academic partnerships, partner organizations, and/or local leaders in public health transformation. In the context of 21C, states refer to these members. 21C is rebuilding trust in public health by ensuring excellence and scaling innovative practices. Members shared how they are seizing the opportunity created by the COVID-19 pandemic to advance their transformation efforts.

    Public Health Workforce

    The Division of Public and Behavioral Health's workforce is the backbone of the agency and PHIIS is committed to supporting the recruitment and retention of the public health workforce so they can best serve the residents and visitors to Nevada.

    The PHIIS pipeline work includes the expansion of academic health department (AHD) partnerships with Nevada’s educational institutions. These partnerships allow a more seamless process of moving students from academics to practice, as well as enriching collaboration between these sectors of public health. AHD activities include enhancing practice-oriented education and opportunities for students; expanding opportunities for collaboration among agency staff and academic faculty; building the evidence base for public health through joint research projects; leveraging resources from partner institutions; and providing numerous opportunities to develop the current and future workforce.

    The Public Health Workforce Pipeline Development Plan identifies a clear vision for the public health workforce in Nevada, as well as specific goals, objectives, and strategies to work toward the vision. Among these are efforts to develop robust pipeline efforts that start in elementary school and end at retirement; increase internship, fellowship, and other work-based learning opportunities; expand and increase the diversity of the pool of applicants for openings at public health agencies and improve retention; and improve navigation into and through the public health career pipeline.

    Workforce Pipeline Grant

    The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Nevada Health Workforce Pipeline Grant (NHWPG) will focus on providing funding opportunities that are intended to disseminate financial relief and incentivize individuals to pursue careers in a variety of health-related fields. The expected outcome for these funds is to support and expand the opportunity to increase the number of qualified and competent professionals in the health workforce to improve the overall health of our communities.

    For more information and important grant documents, visit the Office of State Epidemiology website.

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