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Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention, Control and Elimination Program

General Information

The Tuberculosis Prevention, Control, and Elimination Program aims to reduce the incidence of tuberculosis (TB) within Nevada’s diverse communities and institutions. All individuals with newly diagnosed TB disease are ensured patient-centered best practice treatment and case management. To reduce the morbidity and mortality of TB disease, identification of and preventative treatment for individuals at high-risk for latent TB infection (LTBI) and progression to TB disease are actively promoted by the Program.

    TB and COVID-19 Resources (new 2/2021)

    • CDC Guidance Tuberculosis and Public Health Emergencies, for Patients and Professionals
    • TB/COVID-19 Comparisons Clinical comparisons and testing recommendations from DPBH TB
    • TB Testing Around COVID-19 Vaccinations (Updated 9-21) Interim guidance for Healthcare facilities and TB testing: TB testing can be performed anytime during COVID vaccinations (see "Publications" page)

      Primary Functions of the Tuberculosis Prevention, Control and Elimination Program

      • Identify every TB disease case in Nevada and assure rapid TB disease reporting, treatment, and prevention activities are conducted, as well as required surveillance and genotyping data management;

      • Identify all individuals at high-risk for acquiring latent TB infection (LTBI) and progressing to active TB disease through appropriate diagnostic testing (see Providers > LTBI Toolbox) and LTBI reporting;

      • Encourage LTBI treatment (see Providers > LTBI Toolbox) for individuals with high-risk of progression to TB disease;

      • Develop policy for TB control and prevention activities based on the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations;

      • Collect, analyze, and disseminate TB data;

      • Foster collaboration, coordination, and education between state, local, and federal programs and community partners, providers, and the general public;

      • Promote TB awareness and outreach throughout the state.








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