Worksite Wellness - Training Education

Work@Health Core Curriculum

The Work@Health Core Curriculum helps employers develop a basic skill set and capacity to build or enhance a science-based worksite health program. The training is targeted to employers of various sizes (but particularly small businesses), geographic distribution and industries. Training in the Core Employer Curriculum is delivered through eight core modules described below.

Worksite Health 101 Training Manual

Through the National Healthy Worksite Program (NHWP), numerous training opportunities will be provided within NHWP communities and nationally through webinar-based programs. The Worksite Health 101 training curriculum will be used for all NHWP training opportunities. Worksite Health 101 follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Workplace Health Model and provides a comprehensive approach to building healthier worksites. 

Information and resources provided in the Worksite Health 101 Training Manual are intended to support training participants in each phase of worksite health program development. While attending all Worksite Health 101 training sessions is encouraged, there are numerous resources in this manual that can assist you in the development or enhancement of worksite health programs, regardless of your participation in all training sessions.

CDC - National Healthy Worksite Program Toolkit

The National Healthy Worksite Program will provide a comprehensive toolkit to support the Worksite Health 101 training as well as supporting materials and guidance for employers to implement comprehensive  workplace health programs.