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Low-Level Radioactive Waste Site Post-Closure Activities

Low Level Waste Site Post Closure Activities

Low-level waste site post-closure activities include oversight of ongoing activities at the low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) site near Beatty, Nevada. Agency staff continues to perform radiological surveys at the site and monitor site erosion and subsidence. The Radiation Control Program (RCP) continues to monitor for radioactivity in groundwater, air, soil and vegetation through reports from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) and US Geological Survey (USGS).

    Low-Level Radioactive Waste

    The Beatty LLRW disposal facility was the first commercially operated radioactive waste disposal facility to be licensed by the US Atomic Energy Commission (US Nuclear Regulatory Commission). The authority for regulation of this site was transferred to the state of Nevada shortly after Nevada became an "Agreement State" in 1972.

      The facility is located in Nye County in the Amargosa Desert approximately 105 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. The site opened in September 1962 and received radioactive waste for burial until December 31, 1992. Since closure of the site, the Rocky Mountain Low Level Waste Compact has entered into an agreement with the Northwest Interstate Compact on Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management which allows low-level waste generators in Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico to dispose of their waste at the Richland, Washington LLW facility.

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