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Public Bathing Places (Pools & Spas)

General Information

No public bathing or swimming facility or natural bathing place may operate unless the operator has applied for and received an operating permit from the health authority. The permit must be posted in a conspicuous place at or near the office of each facility or bathing place.

    A public bathing place or swimming facility means any artificial swimming lagoon, isolation or flotation tank, mineral bath, therapeutic pool or similar facility, special purpose pool, spray pool, swimming pool, wading pool or water recreation attraction that is used by the public for swimming or bathing. The term does not include any facility at a private residence controlled by the owner of the residence, the use of which is limited to members of the family or invited guests of the owner.

      Swimming pools or spas regulated by the Environmental Health Section are requires that any person desiring to construct or remodel a new pool or spa must submit and an application which is accompanied by plans and specifications.

        Plan Review Requirements

        State law requires that properly prepared plans and specifications be submitted to the Health Authority for review and approval when a public bathing place is newly constructed, extensively remodeled, or if an existing structure is converted into a public bathing place before any work has begun.