Permits: County Jails and State Honor Camps

Permit Requirements

Permits are not issued to County Jails and State Honor Camps.

    Plan Review Requirements

    Plans and specifications for alteration or new construction of any local correctional institution must be submitted to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Environmental Health Section for review before work is begun.

      All such plans and specifications must:

      • Show the layout of the building;
      • Show the types of material to be used in the construction;
      • Show the size and location of the fixed equipment and facilities; and
      • Include complete plans for the plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems, with details for the heating, ventilating and cooling installations.

      The health authority shall not grant final approval for alteration or construction until it has been approved by the local building and fire officials.

        Food Establishment Permits

        County Jails and State Honor Camps must obtain a permit for a Food Establishment or Market included in the facility. See the Food Establishment page for more information.