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Camping and Recreational Vehicle Parks

All sanitation facilities for camping spaces in Nevada which are constructed, reconstructed or extensively altered after November 21, 1970, must conform to the requirements in Nevada Administrative Code, Chapter 444.

    Environmental Health Section does NOT permit or inspect Mobile Home Parks

    For information or assistance with Mobile Home Parks please contact the Manufactured Housing Division at (775)684-2940

      General Information

      “Camping space” means a plainly marked plot of ground designated for:

      • The occupation of a camping vehicle or other vehicle;
      • The erection of a tent or shelter;
      • The parking of a camping vehicle or other vehicle; or
      • The arrangement of bedding.

      “Camping vehicle” means a travel trailer (whose overall length does not exceed 32 feet and whose body width does not exceed 8 feet), a pickup camper or similar vehicular dwelling used for travel, vacation or recreational purposes; occupied in any one place for 30 days or less.

        Those facilities in operation on November 21, 1970, must obtain a permit. All sanitary requirements must be followed, but the health authority may waive deficiencies in existing structures. After November 21, 1970, construction or major alterations must comply fully with NAC 444.5461 to 444.54675, inclusive, regarding construction or alteration.

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          General Information

          Environmental Health Section does not issue permits or do inspections on Mobile Home Parks, if you have questions or need assistance relating to mobile home parks please contact:     The Manufactured Housing Division at (775) 684-2940.

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