Teen Pregnancy Prevention - Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Grant Program (SRAE) - Boards

The Sexual Risk Avoidance Education program (SRAE) is administered within the Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health (MCAH) section of the state's Bureau of Child, Family and Community Wellness. Because programs withing MCAH serve common groups of people, the Maternal Child Health Advisory Board (MCHAB) receives non-mandates quarterly updates about SRAE activities, program goals, data and other information as requested by board members. This is to help provide perspective to MCHAB members on item affecting the population and other related programs to assist in their advisory capacity.

    Under Nevada law (NRS 442.133), the MCHAB was established to provide advice in areas pertaining to perinatal care to enhance the survivability and health of infants and mothers, and concerning programs to improve the health of the children. The MCHAB directly advises the Title V MCH program within MCHA concerning goals and maintaining focus of the five-year MCH strategic action plans developed in conjunction with federal guidance. SRAE and several other programs do not fall directly under advisory of the MCHAB, but they fall under MCAH section with a tie to the MCHAB in that everyone has the goal of supporting a similar population.