Office of Food Security

Mission Statement

Improve the quality of life and health of Nevadans by increasing food security throughout the state.


    1. Incorporate economic development opportunities into food security solutions.
    2. Use a comprehensive, coordinated approach to ending hunger and promoting health and nutrition, rather than just providing emergency short-term assistance.
    3. Focus on strategic partnerships between all levels of government, communities, and nonprofit organizations including foundations, private industries, universities, and research institutions. 
    4. Use available resources in a more effective and efficient way.
    5. Implement research-based strategies to achieve measurable results.

      Notice of Funding Opportunity SFY 2021-2023

      Funding for a Healthy Nevada: Wellness/Hunger Services Notice of Meetings

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      Lori A. Taylor
      4150 Technology Way Ste. 210
      Carson City, NV 89706
      Office: 775-682-4200  Fax: 775-684-4246  


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