Permits: Public, Private and Charter Schools

School Facility Permits

Public, Private and Charter School Permits are not issued to a school facility.

    School Facility Plan Review

    A person may not begin the construction of a school until the plans and specifications for the school are submitted to and approved by the health authority.The plans and specifications must include:

    • The layout, arrangement and construction materials for all rooms and grounds, including, without limitation, classrooms, utility rooms, janitors’ closets and playgrounds; and
    • The location, size and type of:
      • Equipment that will be used at the school, including fixed equipment; and
      • Facilities that will be included in the construction, including, without limitation, lavatories and kitchens.

    The health authority shall review the plans and return a written decision of approval or denial to the person submitting the plans within 30 days after receipt of the plans. If the decision is to deny the plans, the written decision must include a detailed statement of the reasons for the denial.

      Food Establishment Permits

      Schools must obtain a permit for Food Establishments in the facility including the cafeteria, culinary arts classrooms (which serve food the the public), snack bars, concession stand and markets.

      • See the Food Establishment page for more information.

      Public Bathing Place (Pool and Spa) Permits

      Schools must obtain a permit for both pools and spas and in the facility.

      • See the Public Bathing Place page for more information.