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General Information

The State Emergency Registry of Volunteers-Nevada (SERV-NV) is a secure, web-based system used to register, qualify and credential Nevada's healthcare professionals before a major public health or medical emergency. From this site registrants may elect to join local Medical Reserve Corps, Statewide Volunteer Pool, or Mental Health Crisis Counselors.

    SERV-NV is Nevada's registry for Emergency System of Advance Registration for Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP). ESAR-VHP is a national network of state-based systems, which verifies the identity and credentials of health professionals so that they can more readily volunteer for disaster, public health, and medical emergencies. By registering through SERV-NV, volunteers’ identities, licenses, credentials, accreditations, and hospital privileges are all verified in advance of a public health and medical disaster or emergency.

      Please visit to register as a volunteer.

      What is required for participation in SERV-NV?

      Aside from completing your profile, all organizations require three (3) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Independent Study (IS) courses for participation. IS 100.b, IS 200.b and IS 700.a. For Mental Health Crisis Counselor Volunteers, it is also required to have completed the Psychological First Aid training. All of these courses can be taken online and are FREE. The FEMA Independent Study courses can be found on the following link: The Psychological First Aid course can be found on the following link: Once you’ve completed the courses, you will receive a link to your certificate via email or you will have the opportunity to print and/or save your certificate. Please send copies of the certificates to your local MRC coordinator.



          SERV-NV Help Desk

          Tabatha Hart
          4150 Technology Way, Ste. 200
          Carson City, NV 89706
          (775) 684-5986

            SERV-NV Program Information

            Rachel Marchetti
            NTR and ESAR-VHP Manager
            4150 Technology Way, Ste. 200
            Carson City, NV 89706
            (775) 684-3244


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