Construction and Labor Camps Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an construction or labor camp?

A labor camp means one or more buildings, trailers, tents or vehicles placed together used as temporary living quarters.

When does this definition not apply?

It does not apply to facilities for permanent family or individual occupancy, nor to facilitate or premise assigned to one employee for his or her exclusive use or convenience. The application labor camp regulation is not intended to apply to temporary ranching activities, including buckaroo, roundup and moving of sheep and cattle.

What are the camp operator's responsibilities while the labor camp is occupied?

The owner or operator are responsible for complying with all statutory requirements and rules relating to construction and labor camps. See Statues for more information.

When is a food establishment permit required?

Kitchens for group food service must comply with regulations for food and drink establishments in chapter 446 of NAC.

What can I do about unlicensed camps?

Call the DPBH at (775) 687-7533 and leave the camp location or address, the owners or operator's name and phone number if you know it. All reports of unlicensed camps are investigated for health and safety concerns.