Emergency Medical System (EMS) - Frequently Asked Questions

Certification and Licensing

How many hours of continuing education do I need to renew my certification?

Emergency Medical Responder = 12 hours

Musk ThistleEmergency Medical Technician = 24 hours

Musk ThistleAdvanced Emergency Medical Technician= 30 hours

Musk ThistleParamedic = 40 hours

How many continuing education hours do I get for my renewed ACLS, PALS, ITLS or PHTLS cards?

ACLS = 4 hours

PALS = 4 hours 

ITLS = 4 hours 

PHTLS = 4 hours 

How many continuing educations hours do I get for my BLS for healthcare provider cards?

BLS CPR cards = 4 hours of CEU's

Which CPR cards are accepted by the Nevada State EMS Program?


American Heart Association- BLS for Healthcare Providers

American Red Cross- BLS for Healthcare

Military Training Network- BLS for Healthcare Provider

Emergency Care and Safety Institute- CPRpro


Which Trauma cards are accepted by the Nevada State EMS Program?


International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)

Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)


What ACLS courses are accepted by the Nevada State EMS Program?

American Heart Association- Advanced Cardiac Life Support

What PALS courses are accepted by the Nevada State EMS Program?

American Heart Association (AHA)- Pediatric Advanced Life Support

What ITLS courses are accepted by the State of Nevada EMS Program?

International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)- Basic or Advanced Provider

Does the NREMT Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support qualify for the ITLS requirement?

YES. The PHTLS Course may be taken in place of the ITLS course.

Does the Advanced Medical Life Support course qualify for the ACLS requirement?

NO. Providers must have Advanced Cardiac Life Support issued by the American Heart Association.

Whats forms of continuing education (CEU'S) are accepted for recertification?

Refresher Courses: Any traditional refresher course that has been approved by the State EMS Program Office may be utilized towards renewal hours. *The certificate of completion must contain the course approval number issued by the State EMS Program Office in order to receive credit for it.

State Approved CEU Courses: Any continuing education course that has been approved by the State EMS Program Office. *The certificate of completion must contain the course approval number issued by the State EMS Program Office in order to receive credit for it.

Alternative Education: Any continuing education course that is CAPCE-approved (formerly CECBEMS) may be utilized towards renewal hours. *The certificate of completion must contain the course approval number issued to the training program by CAPCE/CECBEMS in order to receive credit for it. A list of CAPCE-approved organizations that offer training programs can be found on their website at: http://capce.org/providers/

What methods can be used to obtain certification in the State of Nevada?

Method 1: National Registry (NREMT)- A provider who holds an active certification with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians may apply for certification at the level of their national certification via reciprocity.

Method 2: Out-of-State Certification- A provider who holds an active certification in another state may apply for certification via reciprocity. This method will require the provider to take the NREMT assessment written exam for the level of certification they are applying for.

Method 3: In-State Training- A provider who has completed an EMS training program approved by the Nevada State EMS Program, and successfully passed the National Registry of EMT’s Psychomotor and Cognitive exams, may then apply for Nevada EMS certification.

Certification, License or Endorsement? What do they mean?

A certification shows that an individual has successfully completed all educational requirements, taught in accordance with national standards issued by the Department of Transportation, set forth by the State of Nevada for certification at the provider level listed on the certificate.There are currently four levels of certifications: Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) and Paramedic.

A license, also known as an Ambulance Attendants License, is an authorization to provide patient care for an EMS or Fire agency that holds a valid permit with the State EMS Office. Currently, there are three types of licenses; Air Attendant, Ground Attendant and Driver Only.

An endorsement is a special permission issued to individual providers who have completed additional requirements and/or training. Currently, the following endorsements are available: EMS Instructor, Critical Care Paramedic, Community Paramedicine, and Immunization.

What is the late renewal process?

Any person who submits a renewal application after their certification expiration date is considered to be an expired late-renewal. These individuals will be required to pay the additional late fee on top of the renewal fee, but will also be required to take the NREMT Cognitive exam to re-obtain their certification.

How do I obtain a copy of my certification or license?

Please contact our office at (775) 687-7590.


Training Programs

Do I need a certification, license or endorsement to teach a state-approved EMS course?

YES. Any person who wishes to instruct any EMS course must hold a valid certification at or above the level of which they are teaching and have an EMS Instructor endorsement.

How do I get my course state-approved?

Submit a request for EMS course approval, which can be found on our website, along with a course outline/agenda showing dates, times, topics/subjects and instructors. This information will be reviewed by our office and if approved, you will receive an approval letter that will contain a state-approved course number.

Is there a specific curriculum that my program has to follow?

YES!  All programs of training for any level must meet national standards issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States Department of Transportation.

I want to conduct a traditional refresher course, how many hours does it need to be?

Emergency Medical Responder Refresher requires 12 hours minimum.
Emergency Medical Technician Refresher requires 24 hours minimum.
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Refresher requires 30 hours minimum.
Paramedic Refresher requires 40 hours minimum.

Can my refresher class be combined to all EMT's, AEMTs and/or Paramedic together?

YES. The refresher course must include curriculum for the levels of students you wish to provide a refresher for. In addition, the minimum course hours must be the hours required for the highest level provider you’re providing the refresher for. Finally, all students, regardless of level, must attend the entire course. So if you’re holding an EMT/AEMT/Paramedic Refresher course, it would be 40 hours minimum and ALL students, including EMT/AEMTs, must attend the entire time.

Is there a way the State will accept my refresher course if it is not state-approved?

YES. Any continuing education course, or refresher course, that has CAPCE (formerly CECBEMS) course approval will be accepted by our office. But remember, the CAPCE approval number must be on the certificate of completion for our office to accept it! State approval, or CAPCE approval are the only two methods available at this time.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my AED (automated external defibrillator)?

Please contact Nevada Project Heartbeat. http://www.nevadaprojectheartbeat.org/heartsafecomm.html


What are the requirements to renew my EMS Instructor Endorsement?

The endorsement is renewable if the holder of the endorsement verifies participation as an instructor in 10 hours of emergency medical training within the 2 years immediately preceding the expiration date of the endorsement.

Where is the State EMS Program Office located?

Nevada State EMS Program

4150 Technology Way, Suite 101

Carson City, NV 89706

What is the telephone and/or fax number to the State EMS Office?

Tel: (775) 687-7590

Fax:(775) 687-7595

Where can I get an application or other forms?

All forms may be found on our website at: http://dpbh.nv.gov/Reg/EMS/EMS-home/


Can I submit my application in person?

YES. You may visit our office during normal business hours of 8am to 5pm. Our office does not close for lunch. We are located at 4150 Technology Way, Suite 101, Carson City, NV 89706. We are closed on weekends and state-recognized holidays.


How do I obtain an (Do-Not-Resuscitate) DNR for Clark County?

Please use Southern Nevada Health District.


Online Services

What online services does the State EMS Program offer?

Agency permit renewal applications can now be submitted online.

I heard the State might have an online application portal, is this true?

The State EMS Program is currently developing an online application system that will allow providers and agencies to process paperwork, fees, plus more online. It has not been released for public use as of yet, but expected to roll out in the near future!