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    Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 439.265 (and supporting regulations) require all immunizations administered in Nevada to be reported to Nevada WebIZ, the statewide immunization information system. This means that patients of ALL ages who receive an immunization must be entered (unless in the case of an “undue hardship”) in Nevada WebIZ, but patients maintain the right to opt-out of participation. Click on the links below to read and print forms and instructions for compliance with the law, as well as the text of the statute and regulation.



      Nevada WebIZ Law

      If you have questions regarding the changes or materials, please feel free to contact NV WebIZ at (775)684-5954.

        If your office has never used Nevada WebIZ and you provide vaccinations, please download the Nevada WebIZ Enrollment form below to get started. As of 02/01/2015, all new users who will be adding or modifying data MUST attend a Nevada WebIZ training course before they will be given a username and password to login. For individuals that only need access to view data (such as a child care facility or HL7 submitters), a special User Confidentiality Agreement is available from the Helpdesk.

        This policy has been implemented to improve data quality, and to reduce errors and creation of duplicate records in Nevada WebIZ. All new "data-entry" users will be required to complete the Nevada WebIZ: Data-Entry training course. This course will teach basic navigation, how to find and manage patient records and how to record vaccinations, including capturing vaccine lot details. Please see the attached instructions for the self-enrollment, self-guided E-Learn course.


            If you need additional information regarding Nevada WebIZ trainings, please contact the NV WebIZ Help Desk at (775) 684-5954 or izit@health.nv.gov.  

              Submitting Your Enrollment Forms

              All enrollment forms should be faxed (775-687-7596), mailed to the address on the forms with the heading "Attn: Nevada WebIZ Helpdesk", or emailed to izit@health.nv.gov.

                Help Desk Assistance

                For Help Desk assistance, please call 775-684-5954. You may also contact the Help Desk by email at izit@health.nv.gov. We are available Monday through Friday, from 8:00am until 5:00pm.