Behavioral Health Services Planning

Notice of Open Comment Period for AB 206, Section 11

Pertaining to 2019 Assembly Bill 206, Section 11, which amended Chapter 232 of NRS by adding a new section:


The Department of Health and Human Services is required to develop a written plan to address behavioral health needs in an emergency or disaster. Such a plan must, without limitation:

(a) Prescribe a process for assessing the need for behavioral health resources during & after an emergency or disaster based on the estimated impact of the situation and the estimated depletion of resources;

(b) Ensure continuity of services for existing patients with a mental illness, developmental disability, or intellectual disability duringan emergency or disaster;

(c) Prescribe strategies to deploy triage & psychological first aid during an emergency or disaster;

(d) Identify opportunities for the rendering of mutual aid during an emergency or disaster;

(e) Prescribe procedures to address the behavioral health needs of first responders during & after an emergency or disaster; and

(f) Prescribe measures to aid the recovery of the behavioral health system after an emergency or disaster.

Please email any comments to:

On the email subject line add: AB 206, Section 11 Comment

The deadline for comments is: Saturday, December 21, 2019 at 5:00 PM PST


Working to build a behavioral health system that enables Nevadans to find effective treatments and services in their communities for behavioral and substance use disorders. 

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