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Community Health Worker (CHW)

Program Overview

The Community Health Worker Program in Nevada is funded by multiple federal funding streams across several state programs; including, Women Infants and Children (WIC), Maternal and Child Health, Mental Health, Ryan White, and the Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Section.

Community Health Workers and Nevada

    The goal of the Community Health Worker Program is to reduce the burden of chronic disease by:
    1. Bridging cultural mediation between communities and the health care system
    2. Providing culturally appropriate and accessible health education and information, often by using popular education methods
    3. Ensuring that people get the services they need
    4. Providing informal counseling and social support
    5. Advocating for individuals and communities
    6. Providing direct services (such as basic first aid) and administering health screening tests
    7. Building individual and community capacity 

      Current activities of the program: 

      1. Workforce development, certification and standards
      2. Curriculum development
      3. Developing a CHW Association
      4. Sustainability plan
      5. Evaluation plan