Inspections: Shellfish Distribution Program

National Shellfish Sanitation Program (NSSP) Requirements

(1) After any person is certified, the Authority shall make unannounced inspections of the dealer's facilities:
(a) During periods of activity; and
(b) At the following minimum frequencies:
(i) Within thirty (30) days of beginning activities if the dealer was certified on the basis of a pre-operational inspection;
(ii) At least monthly for dealer facilities certified as depuration processors;
(iii) At least quarterly for dealer's activities certified as shucker-packer or repacker; and
(iv) At least semiannually for other dealer activities.

    (2) The Authority shall provide a copy of the completed inspection form to the person in-charge at the dealer's operation at the time of inspection. The inspection form shall contain a listing of deficiencies by area in the operation and inspection item with corresponding citations to this Model Ordinance.