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Nevada WebIZ-User Training

Training Policy

Policy states that all new users who will add or modify data in Nevada WebIZ must attend a training session before they will be given a username and password to log in. For individuals that only need access to view data (such as a child care facility, or those that report data via HL7 electronic interface), a special User Confidentiality Agreement is available from the Helpdesk. Read on for information on training opportunities.

    Training Opportunities

    Nevada WebIZ offers training sessions virtually. All Nevada WebIZ Training sessions are offered at no cost.

      Nevada WebIZ Data Entry training sessions teach basic navigation, how to find and manage patient records and how to record vaccinations, including capturing vaccine lot details. Please see the attached instructions for the self-enrollment, self-guided e-learn course.

      If you need additional information regarding Nevada WebIZ Training, please contact the NV WebIZ Help Desk at (775) 684 5954 or izit@health.nv.gov

        Other Training Opportunities