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Public Health Investigations and Epidemiology

The Office of Public Health Investigations and Epidemiology records and analyzes reportable disease information, conducts interviews with infected individuals and their contacts, refers individuals for medical treatment, analyzes data from disease investigations, identifies risk factors, provides education and recommendations on disease prevention, and works in conjunction with appropriate agencies to enforce communicable disease laws.

    Disease Reporting Phone: (775) 684-5911

    Fax: (775) 684-5999

      Members of the public with questions about COVID-19 should call Nevada's coronavirus direct line at 1-800-401-0946 or call 2-1-1.

        After Hours EMERGENCY Duty Officer Phone (for health care providers and public health authorities): (775) 400-0333

          Clinical Laboratory Submissions to State and Local Public Health Laboratories

          Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 441A.235 requires clinical/medical laboratories to submit microbiological cultures, subcultures, or other specimens or clinical material to the State Public Health Laboratory or other laboratory designated by the health authority for confirmation or further testing. In an effort to standardize the specimens or isolates that must be submitted to a State Public Health Laboratory, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services has developed the guidance document linked below. In addition to the below listed organisms, public health personnel may also request further specimen or isolate submission as deemed necessary for disease investigation purposes, on a case-by-case basis.

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          Declaration of Readiness and DPBH Support for Promoting Interoperability/Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records (EHR): The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) declared readiness November 9, 2021 and supports the exchange of data with health care providers consistent with programs such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Promoting Interoperability programs. The State of Nevada utilizes HL7 electronic initial case report (eICR) standards for Promoting Interoperability (PI) regulations and electronic case reporting (eCR). It is these standards that Nevada will use to eventually eliminate manual reporting requirements.

          Electronic case reporting refers to the process of sending a standardized, electronic case report from healthcare providers to public health agencies. This eCR does not replace electronic lab reporting (eLR). An eCR is a complement to the eLR.

          Benefits of eCR: The automated process of electronic Case Reporting (eCR) eliminates the need for manual data entry by standardizing reporting procedures. Electronic case reporting provides a more complete, accurate, and timely mechanism for reporting communicable disease incidents, resulting in improved surveillance data and a reduction of duplicate data entry. This approach removes the need for multiple reporting processes, leading to faster and more timely reporting, as well as reduced human errors. With faster and more accurate record-keeping, improved efficacy is achieved.

          Information needed to register eCR intent with Nevada: To successfully register eCR intent with Nevada, it is essential to provide:

          • Electronic Health Record (EHR) system vendor name
          • Name and address of all locations
          • Expected timeline for implementation
          • Current method of submission for organization’s reportable disease incidents
          All providers are required to continue manual reporting until approved to discontinue.

          Please send eCR inquires to MU@health.nv.gov.

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