Ryan White

Ryan White Part B Eligibility

Ryan White Part B is payer of last resort and clients are enrolled in the most cost-effective medication/insurance assistance program given their circumstances.

    Who is eligible for Ryan White care?

    Eligibility criteria for the Ryan White Programs are determined on a state-by-state basis according to federal guidelines and there is one enrollment process for acceptance into Nevada's Ryan White Programs. Anyone moving to Nevada from another state will need to re-apply for RW services. Benefits are administered under the policies of Nevada. 

      Are YOU eligible?

      Current eligibility criteria include, but are not limited to:

        • Confirmed HIV diagnosis 
        • Initial laboratory tests of CD4 and viral load completed within the prior six months 
        • Proof of existing insurance coverage or the lack of insurance coverage 
        • Nevada residency, or efforts to gain Nevada residency 
        • Household income not to excel 400% of the Federal Poverty Level 
        • A completed RWPB Eligibility Application form and completed Eligibility & Enrollment Checklist form. Please refer to the RWPB Policies Section for these and additional documents.

          The eligibility screening process and enrollment of qualified Ryan White clients is available at multiple locations statewide. Please see our Provider Directory found at https://endhivnevada.org/directory/nevada-provider-directory/

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