Shortage Area Designations (HPSAs and MUA/Ps) - Listerv

The PCO facilitates discussion and conducts outreach to support increased access to primary care. We welcome participation from all stakeholders, and invite you to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to any of the groups listed below. You will be able to view historical documents and correspond with other subscribers on areas of interest

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    Data Sharing Group
    Opt In Opt Out Our Data Sharing group reviews multiple data sources that support health care needs assessment and shortage area designations, including: health care providers and health care status, as well as regional demographic and geographic features of Nevada.
    National Health Service Corps Sites
    Opt In Opt Out Our National Health Service Corps Sites benefit from federal resources for loan repayment and scholarships for clinicians who work in designated health professional shortage areas. Approved sites may join the list for mailings related to NHSC activities.
    Recruitment and Retention Group (NVPCORandR) Opt In Opt Out This group shares strategies for Recruitment and Retention of primary care providers to Nevada, to work in underserved areas.