Radiation Producing Machines (RPM)

What We Do

    The Radiation Control Program is the office through which the Division accomplishes the statutory mandate for NRS459.  More than 6,000 Radiation Producing Machines and accelerators are registered and inspected by Program staff.

      Medical uses of radiation sources include: radiology services to provide diagnostic information about the status of an organ or body part, used for cancer therapy by implantation of radiation sources into the body or by external radiation by sources shielded in devices designed to control the high levels of radiation necessary to kill cancer with minimal impact otherwise to the patient.

        Non-medical industrial uses of radiation sources include the Radiation Producing Machines scanners that you find at most airports in the United States, hand held identifying units and box x-ray machines to assist in the mining industry.

          Mammography Regulation Changes

          As of March 1, 2024, the following regulations have been adopted but not fully codified. Sections that revise Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) Chapter 459, requirements for radiation producing machines and radioactive materials have been codified and are available from the Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB) web site linked here. Sections that revise NAC 457, requirements for mammography, have been adopted but not yet codified. Links to the revised sections of NAC 457 are provided below.

            Regulatory package R021-18 revised mammography regulations to increase the fee for a mammographer’s certificate and established a late payment fee; revised certain requirements for digital mammography machines; and removed the requirement to provide a notice concerning a patient’s breast density from existing regulations. R021-18 can be accessed at the webpage linked here.

              Regulatory package R074-19, which increased fees for a mammographers certificate, can be accessed online here.

              Regulatory package R043-20, which revised mammography regulations to require certain fees and notices to be submitted electronically, can be accessed online here.