Inspections: Individual Sewage Disposal Systems

NAC 444.788  Inspections.

1.  Inspections may be required of the system materials and the trench before the trench is filled with aggregate or rock. Inspections by the administrative authority may be required before the sewer line, septic tank and soil absorption system may be covered. Inspections of alternative systems are required at intervals specified in NAC 444.750 to 444.8396, inclusive. If an engineer verifies that an individual sewage disposal system was constructed according to the plans approved by the administrative authority, the administrative authority may waive its inspection of the system.

2.  Until the individual sewage disposal system has passed inspection by the administrative authority and a permit or other type of approval authorizing use of the system has been issued, there must be no use of the system, no occupancy of the building and no permanent electrical power connection to the property.

3.  In an area in which there is a local administrative authority, review of designs and inspections for residential systems may be performed by city, district or county building inspectors.