FAQs Camping and Recreational Vehicle Parks


Where can I find the regulations regarding camping and recreational vehicle parks?

Regulations for camping spaces are under the Nevada Administrative Code 444. Look under "Statutes" in the right hand column.

What are the construction requirements for camping spaces

NAC 444.5463  Conformity with requirements; approval for construction; notification of health authority; inspections; permit. (NRS 439.200)

1.  All sanitation facilities for camping spaces in Nevada which are constructed, reconstructed or extensively altered after November 21, 1970, must conform to the requirements in NAC 444.5461 to 444.54675, inclusive.

2.  Approval for construction of sanitation facilities for camping spaces must be obtained from all appropriate state and local agencies before commencing construction.

3.  Any person providing camping spaces must notify the health authority at least 30 days before their intended use and must furnish the following information:

(a) Names and addresses of owners or operators;

(b) Location of facilities;

(c) Size of camp and facilities;

(d) Number of camping spaces available;

(e) Water availability;

(f) Sewage system and sanitation facilities;

(g) Garbage facilities; and

(h) Availability of open pit fires or enclosed fire facilities.

4.  The health authority may inspect camping facilities annually or as often as deemed necessary and prepare a written report on the camp. An official permit will be given annually and if change of ownership. A person must possess an unrevoked permit for camping facilities, issued by the Health Authority in the name of that person, before operating sanitation facilities for camping spaces.