Office of Food Security - Complaints

The Office of Food Security vs. Environmental Health Issues

The Office of Food Security improves the quality of life and health of Nevadans by increasing food security throughout the state. Food security means to increase access by all people at all times to enough food for an active, healthy lifestyle.

    Environmental Health is a regulatory arm of the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral health responsible for the regulation of food establishments, temporary food permits...etc.

      Complaints for the Office of Food Security

      If you have a complaint regarding food security issues, such as increasing access to food for an active, healthy lifestyle, please contact the Food Security and Wellness Manager:

      Complaints for the Environmental Health Section

      If your complaint concerns a food establishment, food registration, bottled water, sewage disposal systems, drug manufacturing, cosmetic manufacturing or public accommodations, please refer your questions to the Environmental Health Section, (775) 687-7533.