Nevada Early Hearing Detection & Intervention

The purpose of the Nevada Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Program is to ensure all children in Nevada are screened for hearing loss at birth and those identified with hearing loss receive timely and appropriate audiological, educational and medical intervention. We promote the national EHDI goals and timelines developed by the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing:

   1 - Before ONE month of Age: Hearing Screening for all babies  

   3 - Before THREE months of Age: Hearing Evaluation by an audiologist 
           if baby did not pass hearing screening

   6 - Before SIX months of Age: Early Intervention if baby is diagnosed 
           with hearing loss

Hearing loss is the most common birth defect, affecting approximately two out of every thousand infants. Left undetected, hearing loss in infants can negatively impact speech and language acquisition, academic achievement, and social and emotional development. When diagnosed early however, these negative impacts can be diminished and even eliminated through early intervention.

In addition to assuring screening and intervention for children with hearing loss, the EHDI program provides advocacy for children and families. This is accomplished through the development of partnerships with community programs to create awareness, ensure access to services and support families.

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