Boards, Councils and Commissions

The Division of Public and Behavioral Health coordinates activities for several boards, councils, committees, and commissions. Please view information and meeting schedules below.

    Rare Disease Advisory Council - new

    The Rare Disease Council was formed under SB 315 during the 2019 session of the Nevada Legislature. The council will perform many tasks related to rare diseases, including data/information collection, informational analysis and reporting, public awareness, development of a rare disease registry and more.

    Board of Health

    The Nevada Board of Health (BOH) works to assure that all Nevada residents have the highest attainable level of individual and community health. The BOH is hereby declared to be supreme in all non-administrative health matters. It has general supervision over all matters relating to the preservation of the health and lives of citizens of the state. The BOH is dedicated to insuring that both residents and visitors to our state can be active in an environment where good sanitation is practiced and there is a minimum risk of contracting disease or experiencing disabling unintentional injury.

    Commission on Behavioral Health

    The Nevada Commission on Behavioral Health & Development is a 10‐member legislatively created body designed to provide policy guidance and oversight of Nevada’s public system of integrated care and treatment of adults and children with mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities/related conditions. The commission meets at least six times a year (twice a year face-to-face, otherwise using video and tele-conference).

    For more information, including meeting schedules and agendas, click the link below.

    Regional Behavioral Health Policy Boards

    Created by the 2017 Nevada Legislature (Assembly Bill 366), the Regional Health Policy Boards (Northern, Washoe, Rural and Southern regions) consist of 13 members each and advise the Division of Public and Behavioral Health on matters pertaining to behavioral health issues, promote improvements in the delivery of behavioral health services, coordinate with other regional policy boards and submit a report to the Commission on Behavioral Health.

    Behavioral Health and Wellness Council

    The Behavioral Health and Wellness Council (BHWC) will examine ways of improving and strengthening the systems of support and delivery of services to those living with behavioral health conditions in Nevada.

    Behavioral Health Planning and Advisory Council (BHPAC)

    Advisory Council on the State Program for Wellness and the Prevention of Chronic Disease

    The Advisory Council on the State Program for Wellness and the Prevention of Chronic Disease provides recommendations to the Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotions section of the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health. Programs include:

    Maternal and Child Health Advisory Board

    The nine-member Maternal & Child Health Advisory Board (MCHAB) provides comprehensive advice and guidance to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health to ensure the enhancement and development of vital services to promote the healthy birth, growth and development of Nevada’s children. For more information, click the link below.

    Emergency Medical Systems committees

    The Emergency Medical Systems regulatory program has two committees: the Committee on Emergency Medical Services, and the Emergency Medical Services for Children Committee. Click the link below for bylaws, members and meeting information.

    Governor's Council on Food Security

    The Nevada Governor's Council on Food Security was created to implement the goals of Food Security in Nevada: Nevada's Plan for Action and effectively improve the quality of life and health of Nevadans by increasing food security throughout the state.

    For additional information, including membership and meetings, click the link below.

    Primary Care Advisory Council

    The Primary Care Advisory Council (PCAC) makes recommendations to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health related to the J-1 Physician Visa Waiver program, regarding letters of support, disposition of complaints, and program policies and procedures.

    Advisory Committee on the State Program for Oral Health (AC4OH)

    The Advisory Committee on the State Program for Oral Health (AC4OH) advises and makes recommendations to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health concerning the Oral Health Program.

    Health Facilities

    Click the link below to view the meeting, bylaw and membership for the health facility advisory councils administered by the Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance.

    Child Care Advisory Committee

    The Child Care Advisory Committee (CCAC) works collaboratively with the Child Care Provider Industry, making advisory recommendations that are reported to administrator of the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, who then reports those recommendations to the Board of Health.

    Medical Laboratory Advisory Committee

    The Medical Laboratory Advisory Committee advises the Nevada Board of Health on matters relating to medical laboratories, qualifications of laboratory directors and other matters pursuant to clinical laboratory activities in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 652.160.

    Medical Advisory Committee

    The Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) governs the Ryan White Part B/ADAP program.