Worksite Wellness - Publications

Worksite Wellness Toolkit

This toolkit contains specific information and strategies on building a wellness program for a worksite. There is not a cookie cutter program, because each place of employment is unique. Companies differ in culture, mission, goals, management teams, work sections, and individual employee needs. This toolkit can be used by each worksite to fit their needs. Each section provides guidance to develop a wellness program that can fit every facet of a company from the top down. References, tools and appendices for the contents of this document are located at the end of each best practice. The information, tools, samples, resources, appendices and references can be used to build a tailored wellness program.

CDC - National Healthy Worksite Program

The National Healthy Worksite Program will provide a comprehensive toolkit to support the Worksite Health 101 training as well as supporting materials and guidance for employers to implement comprehensive  workplace health programs.

2016 DPBH's Worksite Wellness ScoreCard Report

The report summarizes the major findings and recommendations identified based on the assessment conducted at DPBH using the CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard. The appendix includes the DPBH’s overall worksite wellness score and specific scores obtained for health topics identified in the CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard. The report can be used as an example for other worksites to inform their current worksite wellness status and to gain support from administrators and employees.