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Drug Manufacturing Program

General Information

The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health is responsible for controlling the manufacture and distribution of drugs within the State of Nevada. A complete set of plans for a new drug facility, must be submitted and approved before a license to manufacture is issued to the establishment. Permitted drug facilities must have formulations and labels reviewed and approved for all products before manufacturing begins. For drug applications or additional information, please contact your local field office.

    In addition, you must register your firm with the federal Food and Drug Administration and obtain pre-market approval for any new drug products you will be producing. If you will be making any drugs which requires a prescription or a controlled substance, as defined by the federal Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention Control Act of 1970, your firm will also need to register with the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy and the Drug Enforcement Administration of the U.S. Department of Justice. See our Partners page for a link to the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy.