Behavioral Health and Wellness Council (BHWC)

Improving Behavioral Health Conditions in Nevada

The Behavioral Health and Wellness Council will examine ways of improving and strengthening the systems of support and delivery of services to those living with behavioral health conditions in Nevada. An analysis of Nevada’s mental health system, which began in May, will also be evaluated by this council. The creation of the council, for which the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will provide administrative support, follows a recently completed DHHS analysis which provided recommendations to improve the delivery and availability of high-quality behavioral health services to individuals, their families, providers, communities and the state of Nevada as a whole.

“The convening of this council is the first time members of law enforcement, the judiciary, providers and behavioral health experts are gathering to address the needs of the most vulnerable people in our society,” Governor Brian Sandoval said. “Nevada needs thoughtful, effective and efficient solutions and recommendations from people who serve Nevadans with behavioral health issues on the front lines each and every day. I look forward to receiving the council’s recommendations and continuing to improve the delivery of behavioral health services to those who need them most.”

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