Inspections: Public Accommodations (Hotel and Motel)

Inspections; correction of deficiencies.

  • 1.  A representative of a health authority shall give a proper identification of himself before entering a hotel to make an inspection pursuant to NRS 447.200. Such an inspection may be made as often as the health authority determines is necessary to ensure compliance with chapter 447 of NRS and the applicable regulations.
  • 2.  Upon completion of the inspection, the representative shall prepare a report of the inspection. The report must set forth any deficiency discovered during the inspection and specify the period during which the owner or operator of the hotel is required to correct the deficiency. A copy of the report must be furnished to the owner or operator of the hotel.
  • 3.  Any failure of an owner or operator to correct a deficiency within the period specified in the report is a violation of this chapter.