FAQs: Public Accommodation (Hotel and Motel)

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a Public Accommodation?

“Hotel” means every building or structure kept as, used as, maintained as, or held out to the public to be, a place where sleeping or rooming accommodations are furnished to the transient public, whether with or without meals, including, without limitation, a lodging house or rooming house where transient trade is solicited.

Are there any regulations for operating a Public Accommodation?

Yes. There is a public accommodation regulation. The statue can be located at the Nevada Law Library or under our "Statues" tab.

Must plans be submitted for a hotel, motel or other public accommodation?

Public Accommodation facilities are required to submit a complete set of plans for review and approval prior to construction of the facility. If the facility will include a swimming pool or spa, those plans must be submitted separately. Neither bed and breakfast homes or inns require submission of plans, however, if the establishment is on an individual well or wastewater system, it is important that the Nevada Division of Environnmental Protection be contacted well in advance so that those items can be reviewed and approved. Residential swimming pool provided at bed and breakfast homes or inns can not be used generally as they do not meet public swimming pool construction standards.

If I serve food at my Public Accommodation or Bed and Breakfast must I have a Food Establishment Permit?

Yes. If any food is provided, DPBH will also inspect the kitchen facilities. These facilities may be under separate operating permit and have their own sanitation permit requirements.

If I provide glassware instead of singe-service cups, how do I wash them?

If multi-use articles such as drinking cups are provided the facility will have to provide equipment to sanitize those articles between customers.

What do I do to report a complaint about a hotel, motel or other lodging establishment?

If you have a complaint about a hotel, motel or lodging establishment, you can contact DPBH or the county or city where the establishment is located and lodge a complaint.. Tell the inspector the name of the establishment, your complaint, the date(s) you stayed in that room and if it is about a specific room, please know the number of the room you stayed in. The inspector will go out and do an inspection to look for the specific complaint items. You can remain anonymous if you wish.