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Radiation Emergency

Frequently Asked Questions about a Radiation Emergency

Radiation Incidents

How and who do I contact if I need to report an incident or accident involving radioactive material?

Radiation Incidents

Radiation Incidents - Who to Contact if You Need to Report an Incident or Accident Involving Radioactive Materials

A radiation incident may be defined as any unplanned or unexpected event involving a radiation source. Incidents may include theft or loss of radioactive material, damaged radiation sources or equipment containing radiation sources, loss of control of sources of radiation including spills or release of radioactive material or exposures in excess of regulatory limits.


Contact Information - Incident Reporting

Immediately report any incidents involving radioactive materials or suspected radiation sources to the Radiation Control Program at the following phone numbers:
  • Weekdays during business hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm) – (775) 687-7550
  • 24 hour number (877) 438-7231
  • Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) Dispatch (775) 687-0400. The NHP is able to contact the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health duty officer.

Please report all homeland security issues, terrorism concerns and
suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.

Links to obtain assistance for Emergency Preparedness/Response

Where can I obtain assistance for Emergency Preparedness/Response?

Incident Information Reporting by Telephone

What Information is needed by Nevada State Health Division from Callers Concerning Incidents Involving Radiation Sources?

State of Nevada's Radiological Emergency Response Plan

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