Permits: Septic Tank Pumping Contractors

Permit to Operate

Persons engaged in the operation of removing and disposing of the solid and liquid contents of septic tanks, holding tanks, grease traps or grease interceptors or other sewage treatment or disposal facilities must make an annual application and obtain an annual permit for each business and each vehicle used in the business from the Environmental Health Section. The permit is not transferable to another business or another vehicle.

    Supplemental Application

    All persons intending to operate a Construction and Labor Camp must submit a Supplemental Application. This application collects information specific to the facility type.

      Checklist: Documentation Requirements

      • Permit to Operate (See "Forms" tab); and
      • Supplemental Application for a Septic Tank Pumping Contractor (See "Forms" tab); and
        • If the application does not provide enough space to list all vehicles please include additional supplemental Applications for a septic tank pumping contractor.
      • A copy of the vehicle registration issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles for each vehicle to be used; and
      • Will serve letters for disposal locations.

      Permit: Conditions that require amendments

      A holder of a permit to operate as a septic tank pumping contractor must amend the permit pursuant to NAC 444.820 before he or she may:

      • 1.  Use a vehicle or tank which is not listed on the permit to remove and dispose of the solid and liquid contents of septic tanks, holding tanks, grease traps, grease interceptors, portable toilets, or other sewage treatment or disposal facilities; or
      • 2.  Discharge solid or liquid waste at a location which was not listed on the application for the permit.

      Changes of Ownership

      Upon the request of the health authority, an applicant shall include in an application the original or a certified copy of the state registration or bill of sale, or both, for each vehicle listed on the application. If, while an application is pending, the ownership of a vehicle listed on the application changes, the applicant shall forthwith provide the health authority with documentation of the change.

        If a change in the ownership of the vehicle changes after a permit has been issued, the holder of the permit shall, not later than 2 weeks after the date on which the change occurred, provide to the health authority documentation of the change. If the applicant is not the registered owner of a vehicle, the applicant shall submit documentation of his or her authority to use the vehicle.


          • Annual permit for a septic tank pumping contractor $332
            • PLUS $322 per year for each pumping unit to be authorized for use pursuant to the permit

          Payment of fees

          Payments using the on-line system require an e-check or credit card. If unable to use the on-line system, the accepted payment types include: cash, check or money order. Please make payable to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH). All permits, annual and temporary submitted on paper, and mailed or hand delivered must be accompanied by payment. DPBH does not accept credit cards over the phone.


          Fees paid will not be refunded for failure to obtain final approval or voluntary withdrawal.