Radioactive Material Program (RAM) Licensing

Radioactive material licensing program conducts required statewide licensure and inspection of byproduct radioactive material in accordance with the Governor's Agreement with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
The Radiological Health Section is responsible for regulating users of radioactive materials in the state of Nevada. The program has currently issued approximately 225 radioactive material licenses. Categories of radioactive material uses range from research at state universities to nuclear medicine and cancer therapy in hospitals and medical clinics to industrial gas chromatographs and portable gauges for road construction. The state of Nevada conducts this program under authority from a Governor-signed agreement with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) which allows the state to regulate the use of radioactive material at locations in the state not under exclusive federal jurisdiction.

All applications for new licenses, renewal of existing licenses, and amendments to existing licenses are reviewed by technical staff to verify that the applicant employs personnel who are qualified by training and experience, will meet all state statutes and regulations, and will have proper equipment, facilities and procedures in place to ensure that public health and safety will not be compromised by licensed activities. Each license requires use of the radioactive material in specified locations, using limited radioactive materials in accordance with approved operating procedures.

Licensees are inspected on a periodic basis to ensure that the licensee's activities are conducted in accordance with radiation protection regulations and commitments in the licensee’s application.

If you wish to apply for a radioactive material license, the Radiological Health Section has many licensing guides that can assist you in preparation of an application. Please feel free to contact staff at (775) 687-7550 for assistance.

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