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Surgical Center for Ambulatory Patients

Instructions for locating ambulatory surgery centers in Nevada at website

    State Laws and Regulations

    Licensing and Applications

    To apply for a license to operate a surgical center for ambulatory patients, you must complete the following:

    Federal Information and Regulations

    Certification Applications

    To apply for CMS certification as a surgical center for ambulatory patients, you must provide the following:

    Nevada Health Care Quarterly Reporting Requirements

    All Nevada licensed ambulatory surgical centers are required to report pursuant to NRS 439A.240, NRS 439A.250 and NRS 439A.260.

    Submit UB-04 files through the Nevada Compare Care website.

    Training classes
    Listed below are links to recordings of the training sessions, as well as the slide deck from the presentation. We have also included the link to Nevada Compare Care website and Data Submission Replacement Project Webinar recording for your review. For any questions on data file submission, send an email to

    BAA requirement

    You must sign and submit your BAA before you can submit any UB-04 files in the new submission process. mail with the name, title, and email of the authorized signer.

    Civil penalties for failure to comply

    • Where the provision violated governs the licensing of a project which is required to be approved pursuant to NRS 439A.100, not more than 10 percent of the proposed expenditure for the project.
    • Where any other provision is violated, not more than $20,000 for each violation.
      • The Department shall not impose a penalty under this section if it applies for injunctive relief to prevent the same violation.
    NRS 439A.301


    Accrediting Organizations

    Approved by the Nevada State Board of Health