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    What is an Immunization Information System?

    Immunization Information Systems (IIS) are confidential, population-based, public health information systems that collect data on all immunization given in a geographic area.  Put simply, IIS securely store comprehensive vaccination histories throughout a person’s lifetime- gone are the days of carrying around that paper record!- but they do so much more than that!  See the “What are the benefits of using an IIS?” section below to learn more.  In Nevada, the IIS is known as Nevada WebIZ.  Our IIS connects people with comprehensive information, improving Nevada’s ability to protect its communities from vaccine-preventable diseases.

      What is Nevada WebIZ?

      Nevada WebIZ (pronounced “web-eye-zee”) has been in use since 2003, and reporting became mandatory in 2007 (for children) and 2009 (for adults).  As of January 2020, the system contained over 5.3 million patient records, which include over 63 million vaccinations.  Over 1,900 public and private authorized organizations in over 3,100 locations, including medical practices, hospitals, local health authorities, school districts, and child care facilities, have access to view, add, and/or update immunization information for Nevada’s communities.  The Nevada State Immunization Program continuously works to advance and improve the quality of Nevada WebIZ’s data and functionality.

        What are the benefits of using an IIS?

        IIS connect people with information they need to make informed decisions about vaccination, including giving the right dose at the right time, reminding patients to return when a dose is coming due, showing public health authorities the populations most vulnerable to vaccine-preventable disease, exchanging data electronically in real-time with doctors’ medical record systems, and supporting the important activities of a state’s immunization program.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA) work together to provide guidance and best practices to Immunization Programs nationwide to ensure IIS continue to meet the needs of our communities.

          Nevada WebIZ is a core piece of the Nevada State Immunization Program and its various partners.  It is used to support vaccine ordering and accountability for the Vaccines For Children Program, conduct vaccination quality improvement activities, provide to insurance companies information for their Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS), and to identify and address disparities in vaccination coverage.

            Public Access Portal

            Parents and adults can access and print an official immunization record anytime by visiting the Nevada WebIZ Public Access Portal.  Click on the Community tab on the right to learn more!


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