Advisory Committee on the State Program for Oral Health (AC4OH)

Purpose and Role

Per Nevada Revised Statutes 439.2792(1), the purpose of this Advisory Committee shall be to advise and make recommendations to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services concerning the Oral Health Program. The role of this Advisory Committee shall be to support the Division to promote the health and well-being of Nevadans through the delivery or facilitation of essential services to ensure families are strengthened, public health is protected and individuals achieve their highest level of self-sufficiency.


    The Advisory Committee shall:

    • Assist Division staff in determining the needs of local communities and in setting priorities for the promotion of oral health;
    • Assist in the development of performance indicators, accountability measures, reporting requirements and program policies.

    Other Notes

    • Members are appointed by the Administrator of the Division of Public and Behavioral Health; membership recommendations are solicited from the Advisory Committee.
    • All proceedings and actions shall be conducted in accordance with the Nevada Open Meeting Law in Chapter 241 of the Nevada Revised Statutes.
    • In general, meetings are held quarterly.
    • Membership terms are generally two years; if appointed to fill a vacant position the new member will serve out the remainder of the previous member’s term and then is eligible to be re-appointed.
    • Annual Advisory Committee report due to the Division Administrator by July 1st of each year. 

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