SAPTA Staff List


Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency (SAPTA)
4126 Technology Way, Second Floor
Carson City, Nevada 89706
Main Phone: (775) 684-4190 | Fax: (775) 684-4185


Stephanie Woodard, Psy.D.

Deputy Administrator - DHHS Senior Advisor on Behavioral Health
Phone Number: (775) 684-2211

Shannon Bennett

BHWP Bureau Chief
Phone Number: (775) 684-4077

Prevention and Treatment Team

Health Program Specialists plan, implement and evaluate health services and activities.  They develop outreach strategies for target and at-risk populations; collaborate with community members and other public and private services and groups, and serve as a consultant and technical advisor to assigned programs.  Here at the Bureau of Behavioral Health, Wellness and Prevention, Health Program Specialists work one-on-one with treatment providers and community prevention coalitions to monitor compliance with grant objectives and reporting requirements.  They participate in the funding process by reviewing proposals submitted by programs and review monthly requests for reimbursement submitted to our office by the funded programs.  Health Program Specialists provide guidance and technical assistance to funded providers regarding data collection and emerging trends.

Tracy Palmer, Lic. MSW

Health Program Manager II - SAPTA Unit
Phone Number: (775) 684-4069