FAQs Farm to Fork Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Farm-to-Fork regulations?

Farm-to-Fork Regulations can be found under the "Statutes" section. 

I would like to hold farm-to-fork food events on my farm, do I need a permit?

A farm that wishes to hold farm-to-fork events must register with the health authority to obtain a permit.

Will my farm be inspected?

The health authority shall not inspect a farm that holds a farm-to-fork event, except as otherwise provided in subsection 3 of NRS 446.868. The health authority may inspect a farm following a farm-to-fork event to investigate a food item that may be deemed to be adulterated pursuant to NRS 585.300 to 585.360, inclusive, or an outbreak or suspected outbreak of illness known or suspected to be caused by a contaminated food item served at the farm-to-fork event. A farm shall cooperate with the health authority in any such inspection.

How much of the food must come from my farm?

Any poultry and meat from a rabbit that is served at the farm-to-fork event must be raised and prepared on the farm and butchered and processed on the farm pursuant to the requirements of chapter 583 of Nevada Revised Statute. Any other food item that is served at the farm-to-fork event, including, without limitation, salads, side dishes and desserts, are prepared on the farm from ingredients that are substantially produced on the farm.

What notices must I present to my Farm-to-Fork guests?

A farm which holds a farm-to-fork event shall, before a guest consumes any food, provide each guest with a notice which states that no inspection was conducted by a state or local health department of the farm or the food to be consumed, except as otherwise provided by Nevada Revised Statue 583.