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Comprehensive Cancer (CCCP)

Nevada's Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Overview

The State of Nevada’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Program works towards bringing together communities and partner organizations who strive to reduce the burden of cancer in Nevada by combining efforts to:

1.Reduce cancer risk
2.Find cancers earlier
3.Improve treatments
4.Increase the number of people who survive cancer
5. Advancing health equity to reduce cancer disparities

This program is funded through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program which assists Nevada in supporting the Nevada Cancer Coalition to fight cancer in our state.

    The Comprehensive Cancer Control Program at the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health is funded through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (grant CDC-RFA-DP22-2022).  The goals of the Comprehensive Cancer Control Program as outlined by the CDC align with the Healthy People 2030 goals:


    1. Reduce the proportion of students in grades 9 through 12 who report sunburn
    2. Increase the proportion of cancer survivors who are living 5 years or longer after diagnosis
    3. Increase quality of life for cancer survivors
    4. Increase the proportion of people who discuss interventions to prevent cancer with their providers
    5. Reduce the overall cancer death rate
    6. Reduce the female breast cancer death rate
    7. Reduce the colorectal cancer death rate
    8. Reduce the prostate cancer death rate


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