Adolescence (ages nine - 25 years old) is a time of remarkable opportunity and growth. Young people discover, learn from, and adapt to the world around them as they develop a sense of who they are and aspire to be. To improve health outcomes, the Adolescent Health and Wellness Program uses a public health approach by addressing factors increasing the likelihood of adverse health outcomes. The program focuses on increasing the number of adolescents who are (1) adequately insured, (2) receiving yearly preventive medical visits, and (3) obtaining services to transition into adult health care systems. Health outcomes may improve when young people are adequately insured, receive yearly wellness visits, and possess health literacy. 



    Resources: Health Coverage and Yearly Well Visits

    Health Care Transition

    Health Care Transition is the process of moving from a child/family-centered model of health care into the adult/patient-centered system where young people manage their own care. It involves planning (starting at age 14), transfer of care, and integrating into adult care at age 18 (or age 22 for individuals with special health needs).

      Resources for Health Care Transition

      School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs)

       SCHCs use a public health framework by promoting the health and well-being of schoolchildren through evidence-based best practices. The clinics, located on or near a school, provide health care services by an interdisciplinary team of health professionals, which may include both primary care and behavioral/mental health clinicians.

      SBHCs can select to be certified through the Bureau of Child, Family and Community Wellness; however, clinics choosing not to participate are free to operate in Nevada. Certified SBHC's are eligible to receive Nevada Medicaid and Nevada Check-Up reimbursements from the Division of Health Care Financing and Policy (DHCFP) in a special category for billing purposes.

      Additional Nevada Medicaid billing information



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