Radiation Producing Machines (RPM) FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an inspection of the machine in the future?

Yes. The State of Nevada Radiation Control Program (RCP) will perform an inspection after you have registered the machine with the RCP. The X-ray inspections are at 1-5 year intervals, depending on the type of machine and the scope of your operation. Most inspections usually take a few hours and are based on the machine function, and the X-ray program and paperwork in NAC 459.

If I lease an X-ray machine, am I responsible to register the machine or is the owner?

The person or company who operates the machine is responsible for the registration and fees.

How long do I need to keep X-rays?

The Radiation Control Program does not have a requirement on timelines for keeping X-rays.

Can I dispose of an old X-ray machine?

Yes. Below is a list of options to assist you: 

1. Contact a registered X-ray service company to take the machine. This could be very simple if you are looking at replacing the machine with a newer one. You can contact the Nevada Radiation Control Program for assistance finding a registered X-ray service company. 

2. Contact another X-ray machine user to transfer the machine to them. The new owner must register the machine (if operable) with in 30 days of receipt.

New X-ray machines

What do I need to do before using my X-ray machine?

The Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 459 will assist you in the requirements needed to use the machine. The x-ray machine must be registered with the Nevada Radiation Control Program (RCP), and the certificate must be posted before using the machine. It usually takes 30 days to get the certificate if the application is complete. There is no requirement that the Nevada RCP inspect the machine before use. Follow the Manufacturer guidelines for maintenance and repairs.

X-ray machines - Transfer/Disposal, Storage

How can I move my X-ray machine to another location?

You will need to contact the Radiation Control Program(RCP) in writing, on company letterhead, 30 days prior to the intended move date. The letter must have the new physical address, not a company P.O. Box. The RCP will then issue you a new certification with the new address. You are required to inform the RCP of the transfer/disposal of the machine. The registration will need to be terminated. 

How do I store an X-ray Machine?


May I use an alternative method for determining occupational doses while wearing a protective apron during medical X-ray procedures when using an external personal monitoring device?

Pursuant to NAC 459.325 (3) the Division of Public and Behavior Health and the Radiation Control Program permits the use of Effective Dose Equivalent (EDEX) as a more accurate calculation of whole body dosimetry. Approved methods for calculation of EDEX are contained in the U.S. NRC Regulatory Guide 8.40, Section C (3)(a)(b)(c) and only pertains to occupational exposure to workers wearing protective aprons using medical fluoroscopy.
Three alternative methods are currently approved by the Division and are described in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Regulatory Guide 8.40, Methods for Measuring Effective Dose Equivalent from External Exposure. See Section C of the Regulatory Guide. Number 3, Using Dosimeter(s) While Wearing an Apron during Medical X-Ray Procedures, (a)(b)(c) are all approved methods. Please note that any other method for determining Effective Dose Equivalent, other than the methods approved, will need to be submitted to the Division for approval before the registrant or licensee may use the calculation. Please see the link below to Regulatory Guide 8.40: