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Certificates of Free Sale

General Information

A Certificate of Free Sale is defined as a certificate completed and issued by the Division of Public and Behavioral Health Services attesting that a specific food, drug, cosmetic product regulated by the State of Nevada is manufactured, distributed and offered for sale in this State, is in conformance with all applicable food, drug, or cosmetic laws.

    The Certificate of Free Sale attest to the results of, the most recently conducted sanitary inspection of the manufacturer or distributor of the product. Certificates of Free Sale for processed food products, dietary supplements, vitamins, baby formula, etc.; can be obtained through the Environmental Health Section.

      Certificates of Free Sale are required by many foreign countries in order to receive food, cosmetic or drug imports. The certificate's certify that a company is in substantial compliance with the State and federal standards and are equivalent to products marketed domestically, in the United States.

        Applicants must submit a signed statement, verifying the food products listed on the application are freely marketed in Nevada.

          A copy of the label(s), of the product(s), requesting to be exported must be attached to the application. For labels not already approved by the State of Nevada or the FDA, labels must be reviewed and approved by the Environmental Health Section before a Certificate of Free Sale will be issued. A label review fee of $83.00 will be applied to each new label and significant change to labels.

            NEW *Notary Information*

            Certificates of Free Sale will no longer be notarized by Environmental Health Staff. These are available at the applicants’ request, certificates are issued with space for the applicant to notarize their signature. 

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